Matthias Lüdi

Member of the Management Board

Law stu­dies at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Fri­bourg with Eu­ropean Uni­ver­si­ty ex­ch­an­ge pro­gram at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Mont­pel­lier, Fran­ce (MLaw 2007). Stu­dies at the Fund Aca­de­my AG, Zu­rich (Dipl. Swiss Fund Of­fi­cer FA/IAF 2013). Worked in a com­mer­ci­al law firm, at the Di­strict Court and for the Swiss Fi­nan­ci­al Mar­ket Su­per­vi­so­ry Aut­ho­ri­ty FIN­MA (Mar­kets De­part­ment / As­set Ma­nage­ment). From 2009 un­til 2019 lec­tu­rer at the Zu­rich Uni­ver­si­ty of Ap­plied Sci­en­ces (ZHAW). From 2012 un­til 2021 re­s­pon­si­ble for Le­gal & Com­pli­an­ce with FIRST IN­DE­PEN­DENT FUND SER­VICES LTD. Sin­ce 1 Ja­nu­a­ry 2022 mem­ber of the Ma­nage­ment Board.

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